10 Best Action Verbs for a Resume

March 22, 2023 6 min read

 “Use strong action verbs on your resume.” have you also heard this sentence quite often?

Well, me too.

What are the best action verbs for a resume? 

How to use the powerful action verbs in your resume to impress the recruiter? How to use these action verbs in your resume for presenting your skills? 

Do you ever wonder?

In this article, we'll enlist the 10 best action verbs to use on your resume and how to use the action verbs effectively.

When it comes to writing a resume, the language you use can make all the difference. Using strong action verbs to describe your experiences and accomplishments can help make your resume stand out and catch the attention of potential recruiters.

Why Action Verbs Important For a resume?

Action verbs help to convey a sense of energy, enthusiasm, and achievement. The strong action verbs can help you showcase your skills and experience to potential employers more effectively yet concisely. That’s crucial in a competitive job market where employers may be reviewing hundreds of resumes.

How to Use Strong Action Verbs on Your Resume?

Only sprinkling the popular action verbs is not enough. Rather, you have to be mindful of how to use action verbs for the best results. You also have to how-know of when and where to add them in your resume or CV.

While using action verbs on your resume, it's important to use them strategically and effectively. Here are some tips to help you use action verbs effectively on your resume:

  • Add action verbs at the beginning of your sentences: Using action verbs at the beginning of your sentences make your resume more engaging and dynamic. For example, instead of saying "Assisted with customer service," you could say "Provided exceptional customer service."

  • Use specific, targeted action verbs: They help you to communicate your skills, and experience more effectively. For example, instead of saying "Worked on projects," you could say "Managed complex projects from start to finish."

  • Be consistent with your verb tense: While using action verbs on your resume, it's important to be consistent with your verb tense. If you're describing an experience, use past tense verbs. However, if you're describing a current experience, use present tense verbs.

  • Quantify your accomplishments: Whenever possible, quantify your accomplishments with numbers or percentages. For example, instead of saying "Increased sales," you could say "Increased sales by 25% over six months."

Since, we've covered some tips for using action verbs effectively on your resume, let's dive into some of the best action verbs to use in your resume.

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Top 10 action verbs for a resume-Common Action Verbs

Following are some common action verbs that can be used in all types of resumes or CVs to showcase skills and accomplishments:

  1. Achieved

  2. Managed

  3. Approved

  4. Created

  5. Resolved

  6. Innovated

  7. Analyzed

  8. Collaborated

  9. Implemented

  10. Trained


The action verb "achieved" is a powerful action word. It describes a significant accomplishment, such as completing a major project or reaching a sales goal. You can communicate your accomplishments concisely yet making an impact.

Example: Achieved 100% of sales quota for six consecutive quarters.


This action verb "managed" showcase your leadership and organizational skills. This is the best action verb for describing the experience of managing people, projects, or resources.

Example: Managed a team of 10 developers to complete a software development project on time and within budget.


Word "Improved" at the start of a sentence highlights your ability to make positive changes and drive results. It shows the improvements you have made to processes, products, or services.

Example: Improved customer satisfaction ratings by 20% through the implementation of a new customer service training program.


It advertises your passion for the job. This could be any original work you have produced, such as a new product or marketing campaign that brought innovation.  

Example: Created a new product line that generated $500,000 in revenue in its first year.


Using the action verb "resolved" shows your problem-solving skills, and the problems or challenges you have solved, such as a customer complaint or technical issue.

Example: Resolved a critical technical issue that caused system crashes for weeks.


It plea your ability to think outside of the box and create new solutions. Therefore, you can be trusted for any new ideas, products, or processes you have developed.

Example: Innovated a new marketing strategy that increased website traffic by 50% in three months.


The term "analyzed" is a great action verb to convey your analytical skills and attention to detail. It demonstrates your experience of data analysis or researches you have conducted.

Example: Analyzed customer data to identify key trends and opportunities for growth, resulting in a 15% increase in sales.


Utilizing the action verb "collaborated" shows your ability to work well with others and contribute to a team effort. Consequently, it explains your experience of any collaborative project or initiative you have been a part of.

Example: Collaborated with cross-functional teams to develop and launch a new product, resulting in a 10% increase in market share.


It is the best word to demonstrate your ability to effectively execute plans and ideas.

Example: Implemented a new inventory management system that reduced waste and increased efficiency by 25%.


 "Trained" is a great word to showcase your ability to teach and mentor others. If you have the experience with any training or mentoring programs you have developed or implemented, you can use this word to make a powerful impact.

Example: Trained a team of 20 sales representatives on new sales techniques, resulting in a 30% increase in sales.

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These 10 best action verbs for a resume can be used in various contexts to describe achievements, skills, and responsibilities. It's important to use action verbs that are specific and relevant to the job you are applying for. By using strong and specific action verbs, you can make your CV stand out and show potential employers that you are capable of achieving results and making an impact in the workplace. 

Remember to use the action verbs in your resume strategically and effectively. With the right action verbs and a well-crafted resume, you can take your job search to the next level.

Don't forget to quantify your accomplishments whenever possible.

If you have any related suggestion or queries, do let us know in the comment section below. We'll get back to you with the solution as soon as possible.


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